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On The Record – S2E3 – RSU’s Past, Present, and Future

Controversies reign supreme in students’ union, but change may be coming soon

by Tejas Dhir and Thomas Desormeaux
Graphic by Masih K

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) has been mired in controversy after controversy, especially over the past three years. In this episode of the On The Record podcast, your hosts, TJ Dhir and Thomas Desormeaux, take a look at the student union’s fraught history.

Two former members of RSU’s Board of Directors have strong opinions about the executive committee’s activities during their tenure on the board, as does a former On The Record reporter covering the RSU beat. However, the president-elect of RSU hopes to instil and inspire change in an organization that seems to regularly make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Extra Resources

RSU Bylaws

2022 RSU Election Nomination Package

Guests, in order of appearance

David Jardine, former Board of Governors’ student representative, RSU

Marina Gerges, president-elect, RSU

Paula Tran, former reporter, On The Record

Olivia McLeod, former Faculty of Communication and Design director, RSU

Eye Confirms RSU Credit Card Statements Shoeing Food, Club, Clothing Purchases Totalling Thousands

RSU Board Member Impeached

Both parties in RSU elections found breaking election bylaws

Students Using RSU Food Box Program Allege they felt ‘Pressured’ to Vote for Adapt by VP Operations Candidate

RSU closes down on-campus print shop without providing a reason why

RSU elections inaccessible, criticize candidates and students

RSU CRO calls Campaigning in Residence ‘Common’ Contradicting 2011-22 Election Email

RSU election results: Independent candidate Marina Gerges wins bid for president

Marina Gerges says she is ready to rescue the RSU

On The Record Podcast
On The Record Podcast
On The Record

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TJ was one of the podcast hosts/producers of the On The Record Podcast in the Winter 2022 semester. TJ is a graduate of Sheridan College's journalism program, and previous bylines include the Sheridan Sun, Oakville News, and The Intermission Sports.

Thomas Desormeaux is a reporter and writer who lives close to the border of Oakville and Mississauga. He has lived in the GTA for his entire life and is interested in global events, politics and government.

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