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RSU closes down on-campus print shop without providing a reason why

No official statement has been made

by Emma Kunzelmann
Ryersonian file photo

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) has a plan to shut down CopyRITE, the on-campus print shop, with no reason given. 

The RSU’s 2021-2022 budget indicates that $30,000 has been put towards shutting down CopyRITE’s operations. 

The news about CopyRITE’s funding cut was shared in an Instagram post from the student group, For The Students XU. 

There has been no official statement from the RSU about this decision. Several members of the RSU were contacted and no responses were received. 

In an emailed statement about the RSU’s decision, the university said, “The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) is a separate corporation from the university with its own governance structures and bylaws and the university respects their independence.”

The closure of CopyRITE could have an impact on local businesses.

Amit Parikh has been the owner of the Sherwood print shop’s Dalhousie Street location since it opened in 2003. 

Parikh said he mainly serves the Ryerson community, including Ryerson professors, faculty, and students.

He said he viewed CopyRITE, “just like a partner,” not a competitor.

“If something goes wrong and they can’t perform the job, they’re going to recommend going to Sherwood to complete the job,” said Parikh.

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