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RSU Election Results: Independent Candidate Marina Gerges Wins Bid for President

Independent candidates lead in director elections

by Brandon Patram
The RSU election’s presidential race saw a 49.5 per cent increase in votes. (Nick Parker/On The Record)

Marina Gerges defeated incumbent president Siddhanth Satish in this year’s Ryerson Students’ Union election, while independent candidates were elected in each of the faculty director positions. 

Gerges managed to get a total of 1,408 votes over Satish’s 556. Satish was running under the ‘Forward’ slate this year. Ahmed Ali, under the ‘Revolution’ slate, came third in the race with 534 votes. Last year, Satish won the presidential race with 1,017 votes. 

This year’s presidential race saw a total of 2,498 votes, up 49.5 per cent from last year’s 1,670.

In the executive elections where an independent candidate was not running, the ‘Revolution’ slate candidates won over the ‘Forward’ slate. The latter slate managed to win seven of the 20 seats available in the director elections. 

The voting period was held online and ended Friday at 4 p.m. 

Below is the complete list of the election results, with the number of votes cast for each candidate.


Marina Gerges [Independent] 1,408

Siddhanth Satish [Forward] 556

Ahmed Ali [Revolution] 534

Vice-President Education

Umar Abdullah [Revolution] 1,066

Tarman Kaur [Forward] 725

Vice-President Equity 

Areesha Qureshi [Revolution] 1,148

Hilla Yaniv [Forward] 645

Vice-President Operations

Salar Hussain Syed [Revolution] 1,104

Amir Dehandi [Forward] 626

Vice-President Student Life & Events

Ozioma Molokwu [Independent] 1,233

Nikita Khan [Forward] 633

Abaan Ahmed [Revolution] 497

Faculty of Arts – Director (2 seats)

Aia Bakir [Independent] 142

Kiera Gray [Forward] 76

Sasha Ruptash [Forward] 63

Faculty of Communication and Design – Director (4 seats)

Gus Cousins [Independent] 279

Vincent Lecompte [Forward] 117

Dalia Chami [Forward] 110

Kushil Doshi [Forward] 108

Khushi Popat [Forward] 103

Rania Elhilai [Revolution] 94

Tristan Meyer Odell [Revolution] 90

Musa Attique [Revolution] 75

Faculty of Community Services – Director (4 seats)

Minkyoung (Alisha) Kweon [Independent] 148

Gabriela L’orfano [Forward] 89

Zroha Khalid [Revolution] 86

Marium Mazhar [Revolution] 84

Maham Malek [Forward] 79

Rawan Izzeddin [Forward] 70

Ruth-Ebony Lyttle [Forward] 62

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science – Director (3 seats)

Success Daka [Independent] 294

Waleed Idrees [Revolution] 207

Hafsa Siraj [Revolution] 162

Abdul Hanan Moheb [Revolution] 159

Joshua Lyttle [Forward] 107

Odeha Onyegbule [Forward] 92

Chehada Asaf [Forward] 80

Faculty of Science – Director (2 seats)

Angie Awadallah [Independent] 179

Shirin Kalavi [Independent] 178

Mahin Haider [Revolution] 80

Jash Faldu [Revolution] 62

Marieyam Khan [Forward] 55

Zaid Ahmed [Forward] 48

Ted Rogers School of Management – Director (4 seats)

Sahil Kumar [Independent] 265

Raisa Rahman [Revolution] 244

Aman Mathur [Forward] 241

April West [Forward] 227

Niraj Vaya [Independent] 216

Hifza Badar [Independent] 213

Waqar Syed [Forward] 190

Nirusha Shanmuganathan [Forward] 184

Ahsan Sajjad [Revolution] 173

International Representative (1 seat)

Olivia Okoro [Independent] 114

Mahima Singh [Forward] 112

Ahoor Razavi Rezvani [Revolution] 83

Brandon Patram was a section editor and reporter for On The Record in the Winter 2022 semester.

This article may have been created with the use of AI software such as Google Docs, Grammarly, and/or Otter.ai for transcription.

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