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Ram in the Rye Will Not Reopen This Semester

The student-run pub has not been open since the start of the pandemic 

by Alexander Schummer
An exterior shot of a closed Ram in the Rye, which hasn’t been open since March 2020. (TJ Dhir/OTR)

Restaurant manager of the Ram in the Rye, Crystal Pettman, has just announced that the beloved student bar will remain closed for the duration of the winter 2022 semester. However, Pettman states the Oakham Cafe, which she also manages, will be open.

“Given the circumstances and the short turnaround time we’ve made the decision not to open this term and focus on the cafe,” says Pettman, adding the pub closes each year at the end of March. 

She says the bar is expected to reopen again in September. 

On the Record reached out to general manager, Jennifer Stacey, and RSU President, Siddhanth Satish, but they did not respond to questions about the closure.


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