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Making Sense of the War in Ukraine

How did we get here, and what might happen after it’s all over? Experts weigh in on Season 2, Episode 4 of On The Record

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In February, Russia invaded Ukraine. Cities have fallen, bombs have been dropped on hospitals and homes, and economic sanctions have sent inflation soaring.  Those following closely say peace talks might help, but regardless: the after-effects of this war might linger for years. 

Guests in order of appearance:

  • Marta Masnyia Ukrainian-Canadian woman who helped organize protests in the wake of the invasion. 
  • Christopher Curtisa Canadian reporter who spent a week in Lviv, Ukraine, in March.  
  • Professor Anatoliy Gruzd a Ryerson professor specializing in information technology.
  • Judge Chile Eboe-Osujia distinguished international jurist at Ryerson Law School and special advisor to President Lachemi 
  • Professor Arne Kislenkoa Ryerson history professor who’s work focuses on war, espionage and the history of Europe.

Support for students and community members affected by the crisis in Ukraine can access support from Ryerson University here.

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