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Centre Scope – S1 E9 – Cultured Care

Centre Scope hears from two reporters on health and wellness, with special attention to culture, for the “Prescribing Perspectives” special edition.

Host Simran Singh speaks with managing editor Kirti Vyas about her piece “Dismantling cultural appropriation within the health and wellness industry,” which examines how yoga, among other cultural practices, has been appropriated — predominantly by middle class, able-bodied, white women — and removed from its religious and spiritual context. Vyas also tells Simran about the women of colour in the industry who are working to make the practice more inclusive and true to its original purpose. Simran later speaks with features editor Pia Araneta about her article on the importance of cultural competence in mental health care. Araneta explains how people from different backgrounds can form varied understandings of mental health, making it even more important to have culturally specific resources.

Host/reporter: Simran Singh

Co-hosts/Reporters: Giulia Fiaoni and Meara Khanna

Mixers: Manuela Vega and Giulia Fiaoni

Executive Producer: Manuela Vega

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