Home Arts & Life Centre Scope – S1 E6 – A Queer Class

Centre Scope’s special edition episode explores how poverty affects certain members of the LGBTQ2S+ community. Manuela Vega hosts, with appearances from Toronto-based activist and former incarcerated person, Moka Dawkins, and researcher Alex V. Green. Dawkins shares details about her life before and after jail, considering how race, sex work and being trans have played a role in her criminalization. Green discusses her research on queer poverty, criminalization and what she calls queer anti-capitalism. Both highlight the varied realities among white cisgender queer people and Black trans people.

Host/reporter: Manuela Vega

Co-hosts/Reporters: Simran Singh and Giulia Fiaoni

Mixers: Simran Singh, Giulia Fiaoni and Manuela Vega

Executive Producer: Manuela Vega

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