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Sleepwalker – KNIFEY Album Review

by William Lofsky

KNIFEY’s brand new album, Sleepwalker, is a must-listen. 

From the glorious, open harmonies before the hook of “Ask You,” to the instantly contagious groove of the opening record “Can’t Stop Feeling,” this album makes a strong impression. 

The music video for KNIFEY’s song Ask You (Courtesy: YouTube.com)

The ten tracks of Sleepwalker carry the listener through an introspective journey of twangy guitars, upbeat passionate drum patterns, and relatable emotional content in a bright and clear soundtrack that will make you want to dance in the dark. 

With nostalgic anti-establishment reflections on materialism, adolescence, love, relationships, drinking, and pain, Sleepwalker has something for any true rocker, young or old. 

The brutal honesty of the band’s lyrics and their fearless approach to authenticity despite putting together a commercial album separates them from many Toronto up-and-coming artists today.

In true punk angst on the title track, the lead singer welcomes you to rock out to his self-pity, in his lyrics, “‘I’m sick of being broke and sleeping alone…What’s the point of getting up and finding a job?’” 

Alongside universal mid-twenties struggle references and discontent, the fast chugging of rhythm guitar, waves of pedaled effects, and the smooth bass line will transport you to a simpler time. A time when Simple Plan had taken over MTV, you were playing Tony Hawk in your bedroom, and the world wasn’t in a global pandemic. 

On one of the lead singles, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” the hook’s powerful lines, “‘Thinking of you is all I ever wanna do,’” and “‘Can’t stop feeling all these thoughts of you inside my head’”, hits particularly hard at night alone. 

The music video for KNIFEY’s song Can’t Stop Feeling (Courtesy: YouTube.com)

Following support from Indie88, and numerous appearances on Spotify’s official playlists – such as New Music Friday Canada, Rock Your Block, New Punk Tracks, Ready to Rock, and Punk Unleashed – as well as multiple video premieres on New Noise – KNIFEY’s refreshing approach to punk is building momentum. 

For more on KNIFEY, and to keep up to date on performances following COVID-19 check out their Instagram.

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