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On The Record – S3e3 – Youth Voting and Goal Scoring

Toronto’s municipal election is coming up, and youth turnout is usually low. Will this year be any different? Also, we sit down with one of TMU’s star soccer players.

Graphic by Masih K

Municipal elections tend to see the lowest voter turnout of all levels of government, and young voters don’t always make it to the polls. We talked to students about their voting plans and how informed they feel, and we also sat down with TMU professor emeritus Myer Siemiatycki to learn about why young voters often feel disengaged. Then, we caught up with Ivymae Perez, a midfielder on the TMU Bold’s women’s soccer team, and a recent recipient of the OUA’s Athlete of the Week award.


Hosts: Maya Abramson, Georgina Parker, Andrew Yang

Guests: Myer Siemiatycki & Ivymae Perez.

With music from DeWolfe Music

Edited by: Georgina Parker

On The Record Podcast
On The Record Podcast
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