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12 lockdown-proof date ideas for you to do this Valentine’s Day

by Mariah Siddiqui

Things may look a little different this year, but instead of writing off the romance, why not just get a little creative

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Here are some virtual date ideas to keep the spark alive and celebrate love safely:

  • Take a virtual cooking class with your significant other

Eataly Toronto now offers virtual cooking classes. All the ingredients needed are delivered right to your door and you can connect with an Eataly expert over Zoom. Get cooking.

  • Watch a movie together

Teleparty, formerly known as Netflix Party, is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to sync your movie with another person, as long as they are logged on. If this is too technical, you always have the option to press start at the same time and hold out hope that you are watching the same scene.

  • Order each other surprise takeout

If you have access to any food delivery service, order the other person their favourite dinner. Once both surprise meals arrive, connect on Zoom and have a meal together while you both catch up.

  • Follow a workout video together

Find a yoga or exercise video to follow along with and start your day off by working out with your partner. Connect on camera to hold each other accountable and make post-workout smoothies to enjoy together.

  • Take a virtual train to your dream destination

YouTube is full of many videos that offer virtual experiences. Look up your dream destination and “virtual train ride” (i.e., virtual train ride Switzerland), and call each other. Lay out a charcuterie board, pour yourselves some wine from your respective locations, and let the train guide you through the beautiful sights.

  • Play online games together

There are a variety of online multiplayer games available that are just one Google search away. Challenge your partner to Skribbl, where you have to guess what the other person is trying to draw. Test your relationship by playing Monopoly online, the board game we’ve all played before. If you both have games you are in the middle of, play them while on FaceTime — sometimes the company is enough.

If you aren’t doing long distance and are staying at home with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, here are some date ideas that don’t require leaving the house:

  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, build that fort

Regardless of age, there is one thing guaranteed in life — forts will always be fun. Gather every bedsheet, pillow and blanket you own. Get creative and hang those sheets up. Fill the inside with pillows and blankets and watch a movie together. Extra points if you build it with your TV inside.

  • Game night

Monopoly can get quite intense, so if your competitive partner can’t handle that, there’s always Go Fish? Try a new video game, play your favourite board game, or whip out a deck of cards and challenge your loved one — loser does the dishes.

  • At-home spa day

We all need a little TLC from time to time. Get your face masks ready, take your jade rollers out of the fridge, and put your moisturizer on standby — you’ll need it. Taking care of each other’s skin is a great way to build your connection.

  • Connect on a deeper level 

You would be surprised at how many new things you can learn about your significant other by sparking a conversation and asking questions that allow you to connect on a deeper level. Our Moments is a card game with 100 conversation starters for couples, or you can take the 5 Love Languages quiz and discuss the ways you both give and receive love.

  • Have a wine and paint night

Whether you drink red or white, get your wine glasses ready for a fun paint night. For beginners, you can follow along with a Bob Ross tutorial on YouTube. You will need canvases, paint brushes, paint, and some Pinterest inspiration for your artistic masterpiece — Vincent Van who?

  • Visit a museum virtually

Many popular museums and galleries have virtual options. Visit The Louvre in Paris to start your day off. Galavant through The British Museum in London for an afternoon of fun. Spend your evening exploring The Dali Theater and Museum in Spain. Then go on a midnight journey through The Vatican Museums in Vatican City. 

With limited options in the city and cold weather outside, folks will have to get creative to make Valentine’s Day 2021 romantic and fun from inside the house. These are only a few creative ideas that differ from the day to day routine or staple dates you are used to. There’s more to life than just Netflix and chill.

Try these out and let us know what you think.

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