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Ryerson students tell their love stories this Valentine’s Day

by Asmaa Toor

The Ryersonian spoke to three couples whose happily-ever-afters began at Ryerson

Jesse Goll/Unsplash

Behind all the chocolate, teddy bears and roses given on this day are people who have found their person and seen their love grow over the years. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship, happily single or having a galentines night with your friends, one thing is for sure: love is in the air. In honour of Valentine’s Day, here are the stories of three couples who met during their time at Ryerson. 

Afeerah and Raafay

Courtesy of Afeerah Waqar

Afeerah and Raafay met on Jan. 15, 2019, which happens to also be Afeerah’s birthday. After his morning class, Raafay went to the McDonald’s outside the SLC. While he was in there, he noticed a girl slip and fall. He didn’t think much of it until, later on, a mutual friend messaged him saying that girl was Afeerah. 

On her end, Afeerah recognized Raafay from his hair, lost balance and fell. But that was uncovered later on in their relationship. The two engineering students started talking after Raafay messaged her and the conversation went on from there. 

“My favourite thing about Raafay is, as cliche as it sounds, he makes all my dreams and wishes come true,” she said. She said she appreciates his thoughtful gestures, such as the polaroid camera he got for her birthday, and bigger surprises, like how he started a hijab business for her, something that was a dream of hers for years. 

Raafay said that since he’s been with Afeerah, his life has changed and has become filled with ease.

“I found that person that I can rely on that supports me with every decision I make,” he said. “It’s just wonderful having a great life partner and, as corny as it sounds, your soulmate.”  

Afeerah and Raafay have been together for just over two years and the couple got married in June 2020.

Megan and Edward

Courtesy of Megan Mullen

Megan and Edward met at a party but they were too shy to say anything to each other. They were at another party a few months later and, this time, Megan went to say hi and they started talking from there.

Megan, a journalism student and Edward, a new media student, have their creative passions in common and say that they enjoy cooking together and going on picnics in the summer. 

They both said their favourite thing about each other is how safe and confident they make each other feel. 

“He’s just my best friend and has made me feel very comfortable around him since the very beginning,” Megan said. 

They’ve been together for two years and celebrated their anniversary this past week.

Allan and Karolina

Courtesy of Karolina Weglarz

A match made in the RCC, Allan and Karolina met through a mutual friend in 2009 when Allan was in his first year of the RTA program while Karolina was a second-year journalism student. The two were originally friends but neither of them initiated a relationship because when Allan was single, Karolina was in a relationship and other times, Karolina was single and Allan was in a relationship. 

They found their way to each other, though, and started dating in 2015, six years after they met at the Rogers Communications Centre. As Karolina described it, “the RCC made it happen.” 

Allan noted his favourite thing about Karolina is her kindness and her caring nature. “I’m lucky to have her in my life,” he said. Karolina jokingly said her favourite thing about Allan is his cooking skills and, more seriously, his ability to push her out of her comfort zone.  

Allan and Karolina have been together for six years and got married in October 2020, with a small ceremony due to the pandemic. 

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