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Ryersonian Audio: Blue & Gold Podcast – Season 2 – Episode 2

In the second episode of the fall season of Blue & Gold, we talk to international students about their experiences of virtual learning during a pandemic. With the recent announcement that the winter semester will also be remote, we catch up with these students to see what their upcoming academic year is looking like.

Firstly, we speak to Shallindiri Joseph, a fourth-year business management student about how she is tackling the semester online in Dubai with a time zone difference of eight hours. 

Later, we get some insights from two international students who chose to remain in Toronto. They explain how the pandemic has affected their travelling plans to go back home and how they find ways to remain productive in a virtual learning environment.

Lastly, we talk to Farina Mahrin, a third-year Bangladeshi student in the finance program about how the pandemic has affected her mental health, and how some aspects of virtual learning have made classes more accessible for her.

Blue & Gold is a weekly podcast from the Ryersonian profiling each week’s top stories; created, hosted, and produced by Jasmine Rach, Dania Ali, Sidra Jafri, and Alex Cyr.

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