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RSU election results: Adapt wins all executive positions

by Frank Quaranta

Siddhanth Satish defeats David Jardine in the RSU presidential election

The RSU presidential election received nearly twice as many votes as 2020, despite being the virtual format. (Photo courtesy of Chayonika Chandra)

Siddhanth Satish and the Adapt slate have decisively won the 2021 RSU elections, securing all except five positions on the RSU. Adapt won all executive positions.

Satish defeated David Jardine, the presidential candidate of the For the Students slate, by a vote of 1,017 to 653.

The 1,670 votes cast in the presidential race represents an 83 per cent increase in votes from 2020 election, which saw a total of 911 votes cast.

The closest races were for the Faculty of Arts positions, some of the only seats won by the For the Students slate. While Sarah Ahmed secured her spot decisively with 130 votes, Sharif Van Uum won with only 80 votes, nine votes ahead of Hafsa Ghasemzaei and 11 ahead of Areej Khalid, the two Adapt candidates.

Below is a complete list of the election results, as well as a list of how many votes were cast for each candidate. 


Siddhanth Satish [Adapt] 1,017

David Jardine [For the Students] 653

Vice-President Education

Tarmanjit Mann [Adapt] 982

Alexandra Nash [For the Students] 630

Vice-President Equity

Maleha Yasmin [Adapt] 996

Zanele Chisholm [For the Students] 611

Vice-President Operations

Vaishali Vinayak [Adapt] 957

Jenna Jiang [For the Students] 644

Vice-President Student Life & Events

Akibul Hoque [Adapt] 985

Ashan Mahendran [For the Students] 669

Faculty of Arts (2 seats)

Sarah Ahmed [For the Students] 130

Sharif Van Uum [For the Students] 80

Hafsa Ghasemzaei [Adapt] 71

Areej Khalid [Adapt] 69

Faculty of Communication and Design (3 seats)

Mercedes Gaztambide [For the Students] 222

Sonia Bragança [For the Students] 200

Olivia McLeod [For the Students] 197

Bilqis Meer [Adapt] 129

Priyanshi Mistry [Adapt] 123

Essha Khan [Adapt] 118

Faculty of Community Services (3 seats)

Sabrina Ahmed [Adapt] 163

Parneet Brah [Adapt] 165

Joel Kuriakose [Adapt] 150

Daniel Barkin [For the Students] 84

Dusty Luck [For the Students] 79

Oren Jungreis [For the Students] 68

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (3 seats)

Muhammad Maaz Rashid [Adapt] 185

Umar Abdullah [Adapt] 169

Salar Syed [Adapt] 160

Cassidy Rose [For the Students] 114

Michaela Joseph [For the Students] 109

Kelvin Hoang [For the Students] 88

Faculty of Science (2 seats)

Ravital Kofman [Adapt]

Shawn Peari [Adapt]

Ted Rogers School of Management (4 seats)

Husnain Khalid [Adapt] 381

Hilla Yaniv [Adapt] 333

Darsh Gajera [Adapt] 328

Silver Idele [Adapt] 324

Zainab Shah [For the Students] 125

Eliana McKenzie [For the Students] 99

International Representative

Ayat Vizvi [Adapt]

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