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On The Record – S3e2 – Shuttle Buses and Snapshots

The transit commute to campus is leaving some students frustrated. Also this week, the launch of a new OTR podcast segment, Upper-Year Sessions.

Graphic by Masih K

With the return of in-person classes, students are getting back in the habit of commuting to campus, but the quality of service on public transit is leaving some disappointed. Raktim Mitra, a TMU professor and this week’s guest, discusses the challenges for students commuting. Also during this week’s episode, the launch of a new segment focusing on the experiences and advice of upper year students. Josh Kim, a Sport Media student at TMU, was the first guest on the new segment, Upper-Year Sessions.


Hosts: Maya Abramson, Georgina Parker, Andrew Yang

Guests: Raktim Mitra & Josh Kim. 

With music from DeWolfe Music

Edited by: Maya Abramson

On The Record Podcast
On The Record Podcast
On The Record

This podcast is produced by students in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the School of Journalism at TMU.

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