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Fashion Students Unravel New Merch Designs

For $89.95, you can have a navy hoodie with TMU in metallic gold.

by Thomas Gotzamanis

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), formerly known as Ryerson University, recently came out with some new merchandise as a part of their rebranding.

The new line of apparel features new sweaters, shirts and pants. While some of the merchandise is just the same design as the previous with a new embroidery, there are some pieces that took a bolder direction by going with a completely new design.

The new branding brought up mixed reactions from students.

Mikaila Taliana and Alexis Strong are both fourth-year fashion design students at TMU. They opine on some of the new sweaters that were released at the campus store.

Thomas Gotzamanis
Thomas Gotzamanis

Copy editor, On The Record, Fall 2022

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