Home Audio Centre Scope – S1 E8 – RSU Election: Broken Bylaws and Missteps

After voting for the Ryerson Student’s Union election ended Friday, March 19, evidence of broken bylaws by both running parties — Adapt and For the Students — surfaced. Just before voting ended, Ryersonian reporter Frank Quaranta broke the story of an RSU presidential candidate who said she was unfairly disqualified. Host Giulia Fiaoni speaks with Quaranta and Ryersonian reporter Marin Scotten about why some election results may be called into question.

Read more about the RSU election fallout in Rosie Leonard and Brooke Houghton’s timeline.

Host/reporter: Giulia Fiaoni

Co-hosts/Reporters: Simran Singh and Meara Khanna 

Mixers: Manuela Vega and Meara Khanna 

Executive Producer: Manuela Vega

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