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Voting for Ryerson Board of Governors and senate elections begins Monday

by Jonathan Bradley

Voting will take place online at my.ryerson.ca

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Voting for faculty, staff and student positions on Ryerson University’s Board of Governors and student positions on the senate will commence on Monday. 

Voting will be held online at my.ryerson.ca. The voting period will begin on Monday at 8 a.m., and it is expected to close on Thursday at 4:30 p.m. 

Ryerson’s Board of Governors handles university governance, control of property and revenues, and the conduct of business and affairs. Ryerson’s senate deals with academic authority and oversees institutional policies. 

The faculty candidates for the Board of Governors are:

– Seth Dworkin

– Alex Ferworn 

– Murtaza Haider 

– Michael Kolios 

– Bala Venkatesh  

The staff candidates for the Board of Governors are: 

– Dan Cantiller 

– Michael Meleca 

– Marcelle Mullings 

– Aneesh Tiberias Murali

– Michael Turco  

Those who are recognized as student candidates are: 

– Ahmed Ali 

– Hiba Al-Jarrah 

– Ria Arora 

– Harsh Brahmbhatt 

– Sakina Chaudary 

– Seyed Amir Hossein Dehnadi

– Hamdy Elsayed 

– Jordan Goldenberg 

– Trinity Ho 

– Zulqarnain Imtiaz 

– Cameron McCoy

– Shamima Nyamekye 

– Sheikh Abid Rahman 

– Christopher Randall

– Kian Rastegar  

The candidates for the senate are: 

At-large undergraduate student candidates — (Vote for up to three) 

– Naomi Chen: Media Production, Faculty of Communication and Design

– Oksana Gubych: Health Information Management, Ted Rogers School of Management

– Justin Pearce: RTA Sports Media, Faculty of Communication and Design

– Ayman Surty: Politics and Governance, Faculty of Arts

Faculty representative undergraduate student candidates: 

Faculty of Arts (FoA) — (Vote for one)

– Zaima Nousheen Aurony: International Economics and Finance

– Ben Radovitzky: History 

Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) — (acclaimed)

– Aidan Jonah: Journalism 

Faculty of Community Services (FCS) — (Vote for 1)

– Divine Igbinoba: Nursing

– Aisha Rehman: Occupational and Public Health (Co-op)

– Prashajini Sivasundaram: Collaborative Nursing

Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science (FEAS) — (acclaimed)

– Abdul Sami Ali: Industrial Engineering

Faculty of Science (FoS) — (acclaimed)

– Saher Alvi: Biology

Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) — (Vote for 1)

– Hana Salih Makawi: Global Management Studies

– Yazad Mistry: Global Management Studies 

– Bojian Wang: Accounting & Finance 

Yeates School of Graduate Studies (YSGS) — (Vote for 2)

– Harsh Brahbhati: Master of Business Administration

– Ahmed Elamin: PhD. Civil Engineering

– Claudia Idzik: MA, Psychology

– Christopher Randall: MSc. Environment & Urban Sustainability

– Amir Soltanzadeh (Kamran): MSc. Science Management

– Nicole Wilson: MSc. Applied Mathematics 

G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education (CE) — (Vote for 2)

– Edward Choi: Certificate in Ethics, CE

– Zeinab Khansari: Data Analytics, CE

– Janet Rodriguez: HR Management, CE

– Jasdeep Sekhon: Chang School 

Faculty of Law — (acclaimed)

– Massimo Perruzza: Law

Elections results are expected to be posted on Friday. 

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