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OTR News: Jan 26 Broadcast

A look at the news we're following in the On The Record newsroom this week along with entertainment and weather.


Hosts: Monse Quintana Ramos and Talia Saley
Reporters: Erica Wedgbury and Soukita Morgan
Weather reporter: Aishah Ashraf

In the Studio: Aishah Ashraf, Amelia Singh, Erica Wedgbury, Rochelle Raveendran

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Reporter, On The Record, winter 2024

Talia is completing her final year in journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. Talia loves interviewing small business to make their voices feel heard and empathizing with their stories. In her spare time she enjoys watching shows, listening to music, or playing video games. She aspires to be a better cook day by day and potentially work as a YouTuber.

Reporter, On the Record, winter 2024

My name is Soukita Morgan, I am a fourth-year journalism student from Toronto Metropolitan University. As I pursue my Journalism degree, I have found an interest in fashion and philosophy. Along with this, I have written a couple of pieces for Stylecircle and Youthquaker. I have been trained in copy-editing, copywriting, and fact-checking. My journey here at TMU has helped me develop various amount of skills and helped me delve into my love for writing. In this final semester, I am completing a Masthead course where I will be extensively prepared for reporting and live broadcasting.

Associate Producer and Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

Reporter, On The Record, winter 2024

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