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On The Record – S4E1 – Security on Campus

Special report from reporter Lauren Stallone on a new interactive art installation called The Burn

by OTR Team
An image of students on campus, an old tape machine and the On The Record logo stamped over top.
Graphic by Masih K

News updates on ‘Kraken’ the new omicron virus, Consent Action Week, the city’s warming centres, along with events on campus and a Q&A with reporter Joseph Casciaro on the heightened security at TMU.


Hosts: Aru Kaul and Claire Donoghue
Streeters reporters: Lauren Stallone and Koylan Azofeifa
Events reporters: DeAndra Asapokhai and Kareena Aranha
Guest: Joseph Casciaro

On The Record Podcast
On The Record Podcast
On The Record

This podcast is produced by students in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the School of Journalism at TMU.

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