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OCAD Artist Alley Highlights Student Creativity

Students share personal inspiration and thoughts on AI in art in a new exhibit

by Benoit Guesneau
Colorful drawings hand for sale on a black wire. Two artists are sitting in the background surrounded by more art.
The student-run 2024 OCAD Artist Alley in the Great Hall. (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).

OCAD University hosted its 2024 Artist Alley on Saturday, an annual event held by the university since 2018. 

The event took place at the Great Hall and featured artwork from over 50 different students and alumni.

Attendees had an opportunity to support local artists – pieces included posters, stickers, keychains, jewelry and more.

Cup rests made out of crocheted blue, white, black and purple fabric lay for sale on a table with a sticker that reads, "20$".
Enderdog, a second-year art student at OCAD, is inspired a lot by astrology and zodiac signs. These crocheted cup rests are also an example of how she likes to incorporate functionality into her art (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).
Six portraits of a woman, done in yellow, red, and blue, hang for sale on a wired rack.
Enderdog’s colour-themed portraits, a piece she worked on to experiment with different colours and textures (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).

Two drawn portraits of a woman in green and blue hang for sale on a wired rack.
When asked about AI in art, Remi Deng, a third-year art student at OCAD said, “If people are using it just as a tool, a tiny reference, I think that’s totally fine.” (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).

Six pins of cartoon-style portraits lay for sale on a table beside pink flower and a sticker that reads, "$1".
“I like doing 2D illustrations. I grew up watching anime and I’m inspired by a lot of French cartoons,” said Carlena Jean, a second-year graphic design student at OCAD. “So that’s where minimalism comes in and emphasis on colour.” (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).

A handful of stickers for sale in a wooden bowl surrounded by small fashion portrait drawings.
Jean said she’s also inspired by women’s fashion in particular. “It’s inspired by vintage fashion illustrations,” she said. “They would normally put them on envelopes and sell clothing patterns in them.” (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).

Over a dozen necklace pendants with cartoon faces hang for sale on a circular board.
“I just really like drawing women and women love and sapphics stuff,” said Jean. (OTR/Benoit Guesneau).

Two plastic shrink keychains hang for sale on a wire rack beside a colorful poster.
A black, red and white abstract drawing done on paper sits for sale on a table.
“My drawing inspiration comes from my life, myself, the people I see or some articles I read about,” said Deng. “I love planning out my pieces to have certain themes.” (/Benoit Guesneau).
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