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Ryerson University changes its relationship with residence building HOEM on Jarvis

by Emily Peotto

The relationship changes the way fees, applications and staff are regulated.

Canadian Student Communities Inc. (CSCI) has taken over administration and operational aspects of HOEM, one of Ryerson’s four residence buildings.

The building, located at 186 Jarvis St., was previously listed on the university’s website as Ryerson’s “largest residence.” Now, the university’s Housing and Residence Life website describes HOEM as being “owned and managed by Ryerson’s close partner, CSCI.” 

An email sent to Ryerson Housing and Residence Life staff in July defined these changes as “applications, assignments and fee collection for residents” as well as “service desk management including student staff at the desk being managed by CSCI and positions no longer reporting into Ryerson Housing & Residence Life.” 

Beth Spilchuck, director of residence administration at HOEM, stated that these changes were due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a statement to the Ryersonian, Spilchuck said, “CSCI and Ryerson together decided to make some changes to the delivery of the services at HOEM for the current academic year.” 

When asked to outline what these changes will look like for HOEM and Ryerson, Jen McMillen, Ryerson’s vice-provost of students, did not specify.

“The formal relationship between Ryerson and CSCI has not changed at this time,” said McMillen.

Among the definitive changes, residence advisers and residence service desk agents are no longer employed by Ryerson Housing and Residence Life.  HOEM has also opened its doors to students from other institutions, including the University of Toronto. 

Some residents are nervous about the changes.

“It’s hard to bond with new people when they go to other universities,” said Elle De Martini, a second-year Hospitality and Tourism Management student. “It doesn’t feel like a dorm anymore, it just feels like an apartment.” 

On its website, HOEM defines itself as a “student residence designed to foster community and connect you with the resources you need to be your best.” 

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