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Hosts: Mana Hosseini Mousa, Scott Martin
Reporters: Sania Ali, Julia Lawrence, Tyler Procyk, Apurva Bhat,
Weather reporter: Lynette George

Associate Producer: Amelia Singh

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Mana Hosseini is a fourth year journalism student and a storyteller for On The Record, winter 2024.

Scott Martin is a reporter for On The Record, Winter 2024 with a focus on politics.

Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

Fourth-year journalism student seeking a platform to inspire conversations. Reporter, OTR, winter 2024.

Lynette George is a third-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. She enjoys writing about art, culture and social justice, with a specific focus on telling South Asian stories.

Associate Producer and Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

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