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Hosts: Aishah Ashraf and Callum Denault
Reporters: Kayah Marryshow, Patrick Pearson, Nikolas Viveiros, Dana Masamra
Weather reporter: Soukita Morgan

Associate Producer: Amelia Singh

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Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024.

I’m a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). During my time at school, I have learned to be proficient at writing, reporting, and interviewing. In addition, can create captivating multimedia elements including audio, video, and graphics. I strive to write well-researched and credible stories. Beyond that, I can create strong social media posts, that can grab readers' attention. I have a passion for writing local stories that highlight what is happening around the city of Toronto.

A fourth-year journalism student for On The Record, interested in local and international news.

My name is Soukita Morgan, I am a fourth-year journalism student from Toronto Metropolitan University. As I pursue my Journalism degree, I have found an interest in fashion and philosophy. Along with this, I have written a couple of pieces for Stylecircle and Youthquaker. I have been trained in copy-editing, copywriting, and fact-checking. My journey here at TMU has helped me develop various amount of skills and helped me delve into my love for writing. In this final semester, I am completing a Masthead course where I will be extensively prepared for reporting and live broadcasting.

Patrick Pearson is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is also a contributor at The Modern Insurgent.

Associate Producer and Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

Nikolas Viveiros is a fourth-year journalism student at TMU.

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