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Hosts: Dana Masamra and Nikolas Viveiros
Reporters: Apurva Bhat, Patrick Pearson, Julia Lawrence, Talia Saley, Jaylanae Ashman
Weather reporter: Dana Masamra

Associate Producer: Amelia Singh

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Reporter On The Record winter 2024.

Fourth-year journalism student seeking a platform to inspire conversations. Reporter, OTR, winter 2024.

Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

A fourth-year journalism student for On The Record, interested in local and international news.

Patrick Pearson is a fourth-year journalism student at Toronto Metropolitan University. He is also a contributor at The Modern Insurgent.

Talia is completing her final year in journalism at Toronto Metropolitan University. Talia loves interviewing small business to make their voices feel heard and empathizing with their stories. In her spare time she enjoys watching shows, listening to music, or playing video games. She aspires to be a better cook day by day and potentially work as a YouTuber.

Associate Producer and Reporter, On The Record, Winter 2024

Nikolas Viveiros is a fourth-year journalism student at TMU.

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